From an early age, I’ve embraced life and visual design through a lens of spirit and exploration.

I believe that inquisitiveness and curiosity drive innovative and empathetic outcomes that go on to build community and culture.

I am constantly observing design and the vital role that it plays in our world.

Originally hailing from Greater Manchester, my journey led me through the West Country before settling in London.

Throughout my professional journey, I’ve contributed to the design of renowned consumer magazines like PlayStation, EDGE and T3, as well as governmental campaigns for personal food imports (Defra) and Fire Safety for specific communities. Additionally, my work has allowed me to art direct and shape visual experiences of large-scale events hosted at Wembley Stadium and Wembley Arena.

Fueled by my in-house, design agency experience, entrepreneurial spirit, and dedication to design, I founded Count Creation in 2015. A design agency that specialises in brand identity design, report and communication design, as well as crafting engaging digital website experiences. I see value in the role that Count Creation brings and it continues to evolve, meeting the design needs of a changing world.

I combined my passion for visual design with photography and founded Count Photography. Seeing the role that photography and image-making can make, I found purpose in mastering the art of capturing impactful moments, people and places.

Collaboration and understanding lie at the core of my work.

I value the people, teams, and ideas behind each challenge, embracing a culture of learning and shared insights. We can do much more when we work together.

If you’re looking to develop design, elevate brand or simply explore what’s next, fill in the form and schedule a 30-minute strategy session with me.